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Yes, it is possible to automate processes by which sequential communications are made to segmented users, depending on their origin, activity and interactions.

It is possible to automatically segment the contacts, direct them to a different path depending on their reactions or absence of them.

You can even control the entire process by pressing a button to start or stop the workflow.

But to get there, you have to plan and schedule the process.

There are specific tools that centralize the process, speeding up the integration of functionalities; And there is also WordPress that, along with other tools (Hootsuite, Mailchimp, Analytics) and plugins (landings, forms, …), can achieve an acceptable level of service.

With automation software, each lead is channeled into a follow-up sequence, on which reminder-type communications are incorporated, to achieve direct, virtual or face-to-face contact with a salesperson.

The life cycle of a real estate client, whether buyer or seller, is very long; At each stage it is necessary to collect and provide information, make calculations, studies, inspections, legal and financial consultations, negotiate with interested parties and third parties. In some phases this process is intensive, in others it is more relaxed but needs to be continued.

With the help of technology, a real estate consultant can perform simultaneous tasks, when before it needed to move to different locations to carry out these procedures.

Automated marketing also allows reminders, documentation, educational information, notices, motivational notes, examples of successful operations, to be sent to different contacts, at the right time, while you are performing another non-automatic task, such as meeting an owner in person.

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In a sector in which a broad, up-to-date and quality base is essential, as is the case for buyers, a tool that manages each of the communications and the contact status in an organized manner is essential.

At any time, an interested party can access a company channel and request information, providing an email or telephone contact, or giving keys to identify him as a buyer or owner, in which area he wants to buy or sell, what his budget is. purchase or sale.

The collection of this information and its treatment in a contact management system, enables us to serve you almost immediately and personalized, with an initial welcome message, preparing the way for the commercial department to do its job in the best way, with all the necessary data and before a contact who has already been provided with relevant information.

The objective does not end with capturing contacts; The process must continue to keep the contact informed, facilitating that they continue consulting and that they can easily communicate with a person in charge of the company.


The contact management tool allows you to tag leads in categories, so that the communications sent to them are personalized to meet the objectives of the group of people tagged under that category.

A lead buyer who needs to buy now is not the same as one who is thinking of buying in a year; the needs are different and the information that we can provide, also: information on financing or reform, are not sent at the same time as communications about new properties in the area, or the price trend of the real estate market.

With sellers, the same thing happens: if they are classified as owners who will want to sell in 6 months, they will be sent educational communications, and market information bulletins, success stories, … not just reminders like “I’m here” to help you”. On the other hand, whoever requires a quick sale will need an economic report and study, an action plan.



Workflows or ‘workflows’ are made up of automated actions , programmed based on the information we have about our contacts and their behavior on the Internet.

Example:  we can configure a workflow to automate the process of sending our ‘ Guide to selling costs ‘, to all those users who have previously downloaded our ‘ Guide to the seller  in [area]’. And based on your response, propose the calculation of the market value of your property, the capital gain, and so on, to obtain information of value for the business process.

Getting more contact information in our database allows us to  help them move forward in their purchasing process .

Doing it manually for a small group of contacts is manageable, but when there are hundreds or thousands of contacts in the database, automation becomes necessary.

Example of an automatic campaign to obtain leads from a form on a real estate website:


The  sequences of automated emails , allow you to program a series of emails relevant to each recipient, with the aim of going earning us the trust of the contact, while will propose you to explore services, success stories , and when he deems timely, contact us through the channel that suits you best.

The communication sequences make it  possible to track each contact individually , being able to access the openings, clicks, reading times and downloads of each shipment.

Example: we  set up a sequence of emails for the contacts obtained at a certain real estate fair.

In this way, each contact would receive an email with additional information at 5-day intervals. The sequence will end when the contact in question answers one of the communications.

Scheduled email sequence


Allows you to  rate the contacts  in our database based on their behavior, navigation, actions and interactions.

It is a method that uses a numerical scale to rank prospects based on how likely they are to become customers.

In this way, we can easily distinguish the ‘hottest’ contacts and dedicate our commercial efforts to those with the greatest possibilities of closing a real estate transaction.

A higher score is awarded to those contacts who have visited our services page, have opened an e-mail or have arranged a meeting with one of our agents.

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It is a technique to  naturally mature each of our contacts .

Lead Nurturing aims to convert our leads (users simply interested in the information we publish) into end customers.

To do this, users are offered certain doses of content adapted to their  Buyer Persona  and their  stage in the Customer Journey . The more advanced the contact is within your purchase process, the more complete the information provided may be.

In the case of the real estate Customer Journey :

–  Recognition : users at this stage still do not think about buying or selling, they are simply informing themselves. For them, blogs, infographics or webinars could be the most interesting content.

–  Consideration : they have already shown explicit interest in our publications and consider buying and selling as a real possibility. The most appropriate content would be ebooks, catalogs, testimonials or success stories.

–  Decision:  potential clients who have already requested to be contacted to learn more about our services as a leading real estate agent in the area. For them, demos or tests could be the most suitable content.

The type of content most appropriate for each stage  may vary depending on the sector  in which we find ourselves.

This is the general proposal that the  Hubspot automation tool offers  for its clients.



The integration of all company profiles in one tool, allows you to schedule the dissemination of content at different times and easily personalizing communication on each network:

  • enhancing the image on Instagram,
  • giving access to detailed information from Twitter,
  • reflecting an opinion on Facebook or
  • pointing out a relevant fact on Linkedin.

One of the advantages is controlling the frequency of the communications, speeding up or lowering the intensity as appropriate.


The segmentation of contacts and, therefore, of recipient lists, allows mass deliveries but at the same time adjusted to the needs of each group.

Segmentation is based on when they joined the list or subscription, from which content page, sociodemographic aspects, the opening history, clicks and responses, among other parameters


We are so aware of the mobile phone that any notification related to messages catches our attention and we consult it quickly, with a much higher degree of interest than sending emails and claims from web pages or even applications.

While waiting for Whatsapp to allow integrations with third-party systems, you can use its Business version and schedule automatic responses and mailing to lists.

But there are other ways of sending messages, such as SMS, which are still a safe way for short communications, warnings, alerts and important notifications, which can be integrated into a marketing automation tool.


Although organic traffic is ideal, due to the quality of the contacts generated, paid campaigns on search engines and social networks are necessary to increase the reach of the audience.

Just as you can program messages on networks, you can also generate announcements with information on open houses, closings of operations, new recruitments, …

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