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It seems a rather obvious question, but in reality, it is not: what is a corporate blog? Is it really worth opening one? How do you put some poetry in it and write useful and interesting things, so that it doesn’t become just a burden?

You could write a long thesis about it, below is a short guide to put your ideas in order and discover a rather large galaxy. We start from the definition, we continue with some precautions in creating and updating the blog, we take into consideration some advantages, without forgetting the golden rule of writing: having a clear idea of ​​the importance of the reader.

  1. What is the corporate blog: between reality and mythology
  2. How do you make a successful corporate blog?
  3. Some advantages of having a blog on your site
  4. What is the corporate blog: between reality and mythology 

The corporate blog, or corporate blog, is a space within the website of a company, whether small or large or of a freelancer. It is the undisputed realm of useful and interesting content, dedicated to its users: the blog posts are not aimed at selling products and services, but rather aim at informing about different topics (for example, the classic updates on the company’s activity ), but above all they respond to needs and questions, they deal with current issues and of interest for a specific market niche.

An important note: it is not enough to present articles copied and pasted from other newspapers or news agencies. The blog should not be considered as a space to be filled at all costs, quite the contrary. The advice is to plan the news according to a precise editorial plan , building an updated blog, with curated content and in a space that can be used by the user (for example, with an easily readable text and a clearly visible positioning on the site). Furthermore, it would not be bad to also include videos, infographics, pdfs and other media.

How is a successful corporate blog created?

The answer is with patience and dedication, as with many things, after all. To create a corporate blog it is important to stop and reflect on the steps to be taken, thus combining the right amount of enthusiasm with proper planning. The project must in fact be:

  • designed to last over time,
  • updated with a certain frequency and regularity.

Furthermore, although designed to interest those who already know the reality, it should also intercept new users, preferably in target with the target audience.

Prepare a strategy

The advice is to talk about a company blog already in the business plan phase : integrating it into the marketing strategy, together with newsletters and social media, for example, is a first step to have a tool with great potential, able to communicate our reality. Obviously, the blog must also and above all be considered in the SEO strategy that concerns the website in its entirety. 

Define an editorial plan

The editorial plan is the sine qua non in creating the corporate blog. During the creation of the editorial plan, several aspects are taken into consideration, such as:

  • the editorial line and tone of voice,
  • the macro-themes that will be faced,
  • the content of the individual articles,
  • the frequency of publication.

The editorial plan is part of the pure content marketing strategy and is usually entrusted to professionals. For example, an SEO editor is the ideal person to follow the process: it starts with a keyword research , from the analysis of trend topics or seasonal trends, then leads to the writing of SEO optimized articles . Sounds easy, right? Well, it is not at all: it is an activity that requires attention and, above all, time and both technical and creative skills.

Don’t forget about SEO optimization

As anticipated, the presence of an SEO copywriter, a figure able to write articles that wink at the search engine algorithm and allow them to be identified by their target audience. However, this is not enough. With the evolution of recent years, a sensitivity is needed that on the one hand embraces good writing and on the other has the technical knowledge and adequate tools . Not only that, it is necessary for the copy to know the subject and the company reality well, studying, informing themselves, deepening: then go ahead to questionnaires, brain storming, visits.

Another tip: it is important not to forget the human side. We are people who write for other people to read, so it is not a good rule to be self-referential or to propose a sale in a more or less insistent way, but to create a relationship of trust, to act as authoritative reference points. 

And here we come to the benefits. 

Some advantages of having a blog on your site

Manage owned media

corporate bloghttps://www.canadianinsider.com/mogul-press-goes-global-handcrafting-the-best-pr-strategies-for-clients

The corporate blog is part of the so-called owned media like mogul press, that is, owned channels. The advantage, as the name itself indicates, is to have ownership and control over the various aspects, from content creation to comment moderation. This does not happen, for example, with the management of Facebook or Instagram accounts, which are third parties with respect to the company

Obviously, the management of the company blog integrates with the use of other platforms, for example for the management of the newsletter. The discourse is therefore part of the multichannel strategy mentioned at the beginning.

Triggering brand awareness 

As mentioned above, brand awareness should not be overlooked, that is, as reported by the SEMRush blog:

Basically, when we talk about Brand Awareness, we refer to the reputation of a brand, that is, its being famous and recognizable in the minds of users. 

Brand Awareness: what it is and how to increase it, SEMRush Blog.

First of all, the blog shows the knowledge, skills and experience of companies or professionals. It is possible, for example, to write content that answers the questions, needs, doubts of one’s own market niche. Thus, on the one hand, we place ourselves as authoritative towards customers and readers, even occasional ones, on the other hand the search engine recognizes in an updated , visited, well-maintained site, a source of authority whose first consequence is a positive effect on positioning and visibility .

Retain your customers and generate leads 

A blog with valuable content, which presents constant updates and highlights the company’s skills, leads, as we said, to the creation of a relationship of trust . Keep in mind that a sales process that begins with an already loyal customer is much more likely to succeed than one that begins with a new customer, even if the road isn’t always downhill.

The articles of a blog are not meant to be published and sell immediately, but to positively influence the decision-making process, especially of prospective customers.

SEO, SEM, DEM and the other magic words of marketing

An article can be considered an informational page , that is, it aims to inform readers about a certain topic. From here, it is possible to link transactional pages , or pages dedicated to the purchase process.

Thanks to internal links , well-researched and curated CTAs and a well-defined UX , it is possible to guide the user through the various steps.

Here then the more complex marketing strategies are grafted , which integrate SEO, SEM and DEM : none of these strategies could however operate without starting from the basis of quality content Like mogul press, well written in the form and in-depth in the content. 

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