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9 Steps On How To use Clip Ins correctly 

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Are you looking for a way to try new hairstyles without damaging your natural hair? If yes, clip extensions are the perfect option. They are great ways to add length and volume to your hair instantly. Thanks to clip-in extensions, you can add highlights without damaging your natural hair with chemicals or heating elements. 

They are a great option if you want to wear temporary styles because clip ins can be installed on and removed whenever you want. They are super user-friendly, allowing you to secure them temporarily on your hair for whatever event you want. They are safe and easy to remove, making them a perfect option for anyone wanting to wear a specific look for a short duration. 

Given the benefits, you must also know how to use them correctly to increase their durability and flaunt seamless looks. So we have listed the 11 best tricks to use clip-ins accurately! 

1. Get clip extensions that blend with your natural hair

Curly Clip in Hair Extensions

Buy clip extensions that match your natural hair; it will help blend seamlessly while achieving gorgeous looks. Get your clip-ins from True Glory Hair; they can be dyed, curled, or straightened as you want.  

2. Divide the wefts into groups based on the number of clips

it is important to separate the wefts into groups depending on the number of clips. It will make it easy to install, and you will know where to place the weft exactly. 

3. Part the hair below the ears into sections 


Do this by sliding the handle of a rat-tailed comb through the hair below the ears. Then pull every hair above the comb and comb them into a bun. Check the horizontal part you made to ensure that they are even, and make sure to leave no strands since they will interrupt and make you feel uncomfortable with your clip in hair extensions

4. Install 3 clip weft into the hair below the part 

Short side parted with clip in extensions 

Find a weft with 3 clips and snap open the clips on the weft. After that, insert them on the right side over the horizontal part and slide the comb into the hair as close to the root of the hair. Once you fix the weft position, snap them shut. Start with the middle clip and then only do with the side clips. 

Tip: Keep a 1-inch distance between the hairline and clip to make it look seamless and perfectly blend with your natural hair. 

5. Repeat the process at the mid-ear level 

Gorgeous short style with clip ins

Like in the above process, create a horizontal part at the mid-ear level with a rat-tailed comb and gather everything into a bun above the comb. Then insert a weft with 4 clips with snap shutting the middle clip first, followed by the curly clip in hair extensions at the side. Some packs will have short 4 clip weft and long 4 clip weft. In this case, use the shorter one for the mid-ear level. 

6. Place 3 clip weft of 2 inches below your crown

Undo the bun and measure 2 inches down from the back of your crown. Create horizontal partings with a rat-tailed comb and make the rest of the hair into a bun, just like before. Insert final 3 clip weft and let your hair down.  

7. Insert 2 clip weft of 2 inches above each ear

Gorgeous curly clip in extensions 

Create a horizontal parting 2 inches above your left ear, insert 2 clip weft into the roots, and repeat the process for the right ear. 

8. Insert remaining 1 clip wefts on the sides

Side parted clip-ins 

You can add the remaining 1 clip weft to any sides of the hairstyle that you think is required. 

Tip: Insert at the thicker hair side because inserting at the thinner side may show your clip. 

9. Remove the extensions at the end of the day 

Remove the human hair extensions when you are going to bed. Start with patting your head to feel the weft and then snap open them to remove it gently. 


These are the easy and great tricks for you to use clip-in extensions. So are you ready to experiment with new gorgeous styles with clip extensions? 

Head to True Glory Hair and choose from their premium virgin Brazilian hair. They have collections of premium bundles, wigs, and clip-in extensions in various lengths, and textures.     

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