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7 Ways Physical Activity Can Improve Your Mental Health

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Stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights are a part and parcel of life, dealing with work life, relationships, and growth oneself in challenging times can be stressful. Life is not a cakewalk at each step, there comes a time when situations start affecting our mental health. Thus ensuring proper “mental health facilities near me” becomes a duty of every individual. Mental health facilities are really important for the person to fight back and come back stronger. As individuals in this modern and extreme rat race society, mental health is the only wealth that we humans possess, and securing it, is the most we can do for ourselves, which would help to tackle situations at all costs. Dealing with life challenges needs strong and healthy mental health that helps to deal things with-

  • Peace
  • Maturity
  • Discipline
  • Determination
  • Sincerity
  • Hard Work
  • Self-belief
  • Self-love

This mental health is important, when we talk about securing and looking after mental health, it is not when a person suffers from mental illness but everyone so as to avoid a mental illness. Usually, mental health is so unknown that people forget to be conscious about it, people are unaware of how important and basic being concerned about mental health is. Physical health is something that is quite clear, the symptoms of physical illness cannot be hidden since mental illness is something that can be hidden under a smiley face. Recently there have been so many instances of groups of friends meeting each other and spending time together having so much fun and the other day one of the boys/girls within that group commits suicide. The smiles that he carried were able to hide the depression he was suffering.

Thus awareness of mental health, necessary steps that should be taken, and ways in which mental health should be looked after are some basic information that educational institutions must provide children so that they are aware of themselves as well as others too.

Let us talk about ways to improve mental health

  • Healthy food intake at regular intervals
  • Communicating with close ones
  • Spend time with your loved ones
  • Proper 6+8 hours of sleep
  • Yoga
  • Physical activity – like sports, dance, walking, jogging, or any other physical activity.
  • Mediation

Physical activity proves to be an asset to our brain and one of the best ways to relax our mind and helps it to grow. While a person is indulging in physical activity, the body releases an endorphin hormone which is a stress hormone, thus relaxing one’s mind, helping the mind to think of solutions positively and work towards achieving good results.

5 minutes a day or walking for an hour reduces the risk of major depression by 26%.

Let us see the ways in which physical activities help to improve mental health

and promote all kinds of changes in the brain that helps to think positively and tackle situations fearlessly-

  1. Promotes neural growth thus by reducing the inflammation of the growth,
  2. Indulges one’s mind in new activity patterns that promote feelings of peace, well-being, and calmness.
  3. Anti-anxiety treatment-physical activity is a kind of treatment where the person does not want a therapist but only to work and sweat out realizing all the stress and anxiety issues.
  4. Stronger resilience – makes the mental health strong, ready to fight against all the order and not give up however serious the situation becomes.
  5. Increase self-reported happiness level thus lowering sadness and lonely levels making  a person self-sufficient and at peace, where he starts beginning to look at things positively
  6. Boost mood and energy – physical activity is a self-diagnosing treatment that helps a person be energetic with self-confidence, self-worth, and motivation.
  7. Reduction of poor days-  according to world health reports there has been a 43.2% of reduction of poor mental health days in those who exercise daily.

Indulging oneself in physical activity is the best way to ensure self-improvement though the length of exercise is not important the physical act of completing an exercise on a daily habit is the key to changing your mental health. This is one step closer to doing something that we can do ourselves other than medicines or treatments. Exercise is really necessary, causing the individual to enhance their personality. Running, walking, and jogging are some kinds of activities that can be done anywhere and do not require a set. These basic running and walking were introduced not just for improving physical health or mental health. So we can say that mental health and physical health goes hand in hand. Thus these physical activities help to ensure both physical and mental health keeping the person healthy not only from outside but from within as well. Thus as citizens, we must spread awareness regarding physical activities, and ensure that students in educational institutions are guided along with them, also establish more mental health inpatient health facilities. And parents must also be given enough information and awareness so as to ensure reduced cases of mental illness or we can say reduction in the recovery days.

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