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Direct mail is one of the oldest marketing techniques in the real estate industry. However, despite being so old, direct mail marketing in real estate has held on to its number one position. While you can try various other methods like publishing blogs and articles, making social media posts, advertising on the print media, participating in conferences or trade fairs, and the like, perhaps nothing can beat the impact of real estate mailers.

According to the Data and Marketing Association, the response rate of real estate direct mail marketing consistently outperforms most digital marketing techniques by around 600 percent. Also, a Data and Marketing Association research report shows that while the response rate of direct mail for house lists is 3.7%, it is a dismal 0.62% for all other digital channels.

So, if you want to scale up your real estate business by attracting organic traffic, direct mail marketing in real estate is something you can never overlook. This article takes you through the six best strategies to enhance the reach of your real estate business through direct mail.

6 Direct Mail Strategies That Work For Real Estate

Multiple research has proven that the impact and Return On Investment (ROI) of direct mail marketing in real estate are considerably higher than most other marketing channels. The following are the top reasons and strategies to use real estate mailers to reach more customers:

  1. Form Local Connections

Although there are several reasons people want to relocate to a new property, the locational advantage is a significant reason. Homebuyers prefer areas with good connectivity and all modern amenities in their vicinity. Direct mail marketing can be an excellent way to show that you know the area in and out.

In other words, it allows you to position yourself or your brand as a critical local market leader. Top brands use direct mail marketing in real estate to offer critical insights about a locality besides the top properties in the area. 

You can also help your customers explore the fine details of a property, including the pin code, local hospitals, educational institutions, or streets where the property values are higher. Hyper-targeting your direct mails lets your customers explore the area virtually. It also enables you to create bonding with your customers. You can also stay assured that they will approach you whenever they need more information about real estate in a particular locality.

Not only buyers, but you can also target sellers, agents, and dealers through the hyper-targeting process. Once sellers acknowledge that you are the local market leader, they might approach you to design their sales pitch for targeting customers.

Hence, direct mail marketing in real estate allows you to target buyers and sellers to position yourself as a market leader and expand your business.

  1. Automate Direct Mail

Gone are the days when real estate direct mail marketing campaigns were human-dependent. You can currently program your system to send emails per preset parameters. This can help you take result-focused actions.

In addition, automation includes technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, and the like to find customers and connect with them in the best possible manner.

Although automation can make your task relatively easy, you must still spend some time analyzing its effect.

For example, some real estate brands use offline direct and online mail marketing to penetrate the target market. If you do not have the expertise to use automation for your mail campaign, you may trust the best real estate marketing company to do it for you. 

You can use automation to increase the lead volume, optimize your campaign performance, scan the campaign analytics, increase targeting and reach, and streamline ad spending. 

Besides the features mentioned above, you can also use automation to verify email addresses before sending messages so that all your mailers reach the appropriate audience.

Automated real estate mailers boost the deliverability rate and let you achieve more from your email campaigns. 

  1. Local Social Proof
  • Social proof is a crucial strategy to sharpen your real estate direct mail marketing outreach.
  • Social proof allows customers to approach companies they consider favorable based on the feedback received from other customers.
  • If you have a decent customer base who appreciates your services, you can use their honest feedback to attract new customers.
  • Use customer testimonials and reviews to prove that you have an excellent track record of satisfying your clients.
  • Social proof reassures new clients about your ability to deliver the intended results.
  • Compose your real estate mailers in a way that gets to the point quickly.
  • Also, ensure that your mailers contain information about properties in the customers’ locations.
  • It enables potential customers to approach you with the right questions.
  1. Pitch at the Right Time
  • Finding the best time to send real estate mailers is no less an art.
  • Although real estate is an all-weather business, some seasons bring more customers than others.
  • For instance, people usually do not want to shift homes during the rainy season since their valuable belongings may suffer damage. In contrast, the summer season typically witnesses the most uproar in the sector.
  • Since the weather remains more favorable in the summer or winter, people prefer relocating in these seasons.
  • The best real estate direct mail marketing time is from late March until June. The second peak season starts in August and lasts until December. 
  • However, it is good to maintain contact with customers in lean periods as well.
  1. Prefer Design Emails Over Text-Heavy Ones
  • A new trend has emerged in real estate direct mail marketing.
  • Instead of text-heavy emails, real estate brands design emails to allow customers to get a real feel of the properties.
  • A report by Brafton shows that 82% of marketers firmly believe that their customers like emails with visual elements more than pure text emails. 
  • As a fact, the more design you include in your emails, the fewer words you have to say. 
  • Since customers can check the property’s look directly in a design email, you don’t have to explain much.

So, making design emails must be a prominent part of your marketing strategy if you want to attract customers holistically.

  1. Nurture Leads with Drip Marketing

Selling real estate can often get tricky and this makes keeping prospects interested in innovative ways a must for realtors. One trick that will be of great help in this case is the drip marketing strategy which helps you send out automated pre-written emails to your prospects based on the schedules you fix.

This strategy ensures that you can easily connect with the right person at the right time and turn your visitors into buyers – all without doing the same work every time.

A solid drip marketing strategy doesn’t just nurture leads, it also helps to increase brand awareness, real estate online sales volume, re-engage the passive subscribes, and so much more. Plus, the open rate of drip marketing emails is way higher than the single-send emails. You can use drip marketing strategies regardless of your goals and cement your company’s position in the real estate industry.

Bonus Strategy – Approach a Real Estate Marketing Agency

While the tips above can help you increase your reach, the best real estate marketing agency can simplify the process. You may approach the agency to get a full-funnel CRM. Through automation, the CRM aids pre-sales, post-sales, and sales activities in real estate.

A real estate marketing agency also helps you automate lead capturing, lead nurturing, cloud telephony, and marketing analytics. You can use these modern tools to streamline your business activities and focus on stakeholder tie-ups. 

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