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5 Easy Steps To Deal With Infertility Treatment

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Infertility, an inability to produce a child naturally, is common in today’s couples. As per September 2020 study of the World Health Organisation, around 48 million couples and 186 million individuals have fertility problems. Certain health issues, bad lifestyle habits, age, profession, and environmental factors cause infertility in men and women. 

And when it comes to addressing infertility and becoming parents of a child, it takes a lot of time and leaves a financial, physical, and mental toll on you (a couple of the opposite sexes). As per experts at an IVF centre in Bangalore, prolonged treatment process, failure of fertility treatments, and financial as well as mental toll are big challenges to couples to keep up their marriage. As a good couple, you can handle all what comes in your way during infertility treatment. Here are some steps for your support:

1. Communicate well to each other 

Healthy communication is the key to keep a relationship going on and address any issue in personal as well as professional life. So, both of you should value it when you are on your fertility journey or dealing with infertility. Here are how you can communicate healthily with each other:

  • Disclose what you want and request your partner what he/she feels
  • Be together whether it is an appointment with a reproductive health expert, having a test, or allied things during your fertility journey 
  • Keep in mind fertility drugs can make your female partner have mood swings. So, avoid accusing your wife for not behaving well as she did earlier and you (a female partner) should not accuse your husband for not being supportive. Instead, both of you clearly express your feelings during infertility treatment  

2. Treat yourself as a team  

Generally in a marriage, females suffer a lot from fertility problems. As a good male partner, you should not let your female partner be ashamed or inferior to you. Further, both of you must comprehend that you are equal and have almost equal share in the fertility treatment journey. Further, 

  • You should comprehend that you are a team as a married couple and both of you are dealing with infertility. Both of you want to get out of this and enjoy parenthood. 
  • You must be supportive of each other. 

3. Take care of yourself 

When you are on your fertility journey, having a baby can be your top priority. However, both of you should not your own health and well-being during infertility treatment. Here are what you can do to take care of yourself:

  • Take out some time for your hobbies or pursue your career 
  • Explore your passion and follow the same 
  • Speak to your partner and state that you have something interesting for each other 
  • Laugh when you can. And for this, you can watch funny and light TV programs and comedies 
  • Treat yourself when a little good thing occurs in your life, such as successful egg or sperm extraction/fertilisation during infertility treatment 

4. Bring romance back into your life  

Most of you (couples), especially female partners, take infertility as a broken dream. To have a baby, you treat yourself as a baby-making machine due to medical intervention. As a result, there is no romance between you. You should comprehend romance, sex, etc. are not just for procreation. Having a baby through medical intervention could be your aim. However, both of you should not let romance and sex go out of your married life. Here are what you can do to bring romance back into your life:

  • Go for a dinner date. If you do not go out as per your doctor’s advice, have a candle light dinner at home 
  • Watch romantic movies together 
  • Try to spend more time together 

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5. Consult an expert 

Being theoretically good is different from being practically good. Instead of knowing how to deal well during the fertility journey, some couples start blame games and feel guilt, sadness, and shame. Sometimes your effort does not work for you. In such a case, you should consult a counsellor or psychiatrist to guide you on how to keep your marriage or relationship during infertility treatments. 


Treating infertility takes time. It can make a couple have physical, financial, and mental tol. Communicating well, treating yourself as a team, bringing romance back into your life, taking care of yourself, and consulting a counsellor can help you keep your relationship during your fertility journey. 

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