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Do you remember the day you came up with the brilliant idea to develop a SAAS product?

Fortunately, you have prepared your investors for funding and started the development process with a dedicated team of experts. Indeed, there were problems, but none of them could stop you from developing a stellar product. And finally, here you are looking for a successful SAAS product launch checklist.

But wait! Is it as easy as it seems? Not really! Every SAAS software development company in UK sets up an effective plan to ensure a successful product launch. You need to be smart enough to understand these key steps and be able to market the product easily.

What are the different stages of launching a Solid SAAS product?

The SAAS Product Launch Checklist includes three basic phases –

  • your audience and decide on a product launch date.
  • Launch Stage: In this stage, you have to use the best marketing strategy to launch the product.
  • Post-Launch Phase: In this phase, you need to focus more on user registration and feedback.

1) Pre-launch phase of SAAS:

The pre-launch phase is very important as it includes market research, defining a unique selling proposition, identifying the target audience, and building a user persona. It is a step to lay the foundation stone for bringing your product to market. You can call this a key point in your SAAS launch checklist.

  • Strong Market Research: Research work is mandatory whenever you are going to launch a product in the market. It is important to understand your brand competencies, know your competitors and analyze how well your product fits in the market. A few questionnaires that can guide you in the right direction include:

a) How does your product differ from other competitors?

b) How well does your product solve customer problems?

The immediate question is – what are your unique selling points? Let’s describe it in the following section.

  • Defining your Unique Selling Proposition: You need to focus on hiring dedicated developers to develop SAAS products. But have you invested time in defining your USPs? In order to attract potential customers, it is necessary to have a clear overview of your unique selling proposition. This helps differentiate your product from your competitors, which can further be used to launch it successfully.

So what is your product’s unique selling proposition? Our SAAS software development solutions ensure that you have a transparent view before moving on to the next step.

  • Understanding the target audience: The next step in the SAAS product launch checklist is understanding the target audience. Now, different SAAS products have different target audiences. For example, if it’s a gaming product, you’ll probably be targeting young adults. If it’s an e-commerce product, perhaps your primary target audience will be adults in the 20-55 age group. Similarly, it is necessary to understand your target audience for your particular product.
  • Creating a User Persona: A user persona is really one of the fundamental elements of launching a SAAS product. It comes immediately after you define your target audience. This will help optimize your marketing strategies and launch a successful product launch.

User personas represent a group of individuals who are likely to benefit from a product. These groups must be identified in order to clearly define your marketing objectives. Therefore, when hiring top mobile app developers in UK to develop a SAAS product, make sure that they are effective enough in mapping your user persona.

2) SAAS Launch Phase:

Now that you’ve done proper market research, understood your audience, and identified user personas, it’s time to launch the product. Moon Technolabs plays a significant role in this phase. We use innovative and effective marketing strategies to promote your SAAS product across all channels, ensuring you get qualified leads and experience higher conversions.

The marketing strategy we prefer for our clients includes the following steps.

  • Product launch on a suitable platform: When your job of hiring dedicated developers for SAAS product development is over, we will come up with different platforms for product launch. Popular platforms include Reddit, Product Hunt, Hacker News, Betalist, AngelList, Beta Bound, etc. We will consider your budget and select a platform that suits your requirements.

Creating SEO and Content Marketing Strategies – Our digital marketing team uses advanced strategies to rank your product on the Google search page. Some of our key tactics include:

a) Improve content quality

b) Recognize user intent and optimize keywords

c) Focus on new SERP features

d) Include image content

e) Automate content delivery

f) Enhance user experience

We use the latest tools and techniques to increase the value of your product and give it a brand across all digital communication channels.

  • Running Paid Ads: In addition to organic rankings, our PPC experts are adept at running paid campaigns for your SAAS product. If you have enough budget, we recommend running eye-catching ads on various popular platforms. Popular advertising channels include YouTube, social media, and Google Ads. Paid search campaigns are one of the best techniques to gain customer attention and increase customer retention.
  • Sharing a Product Demo: Our SAAS software development services believe this step is key to successfully launching any product. If the potential customer does not know the product and its functions well, it makes no sense to expect a positive response from him.

Therefore, our marketing experts are prepared with two different product demos during its launch: a pre-recorded product demo and a personalized live recorded demo showing exactly how the various product features work. While live demos help potential buyers to learn about the product based on their requirements.

These demos highlight customer problems and how the product helps solve the problem. Personalized live demos are undoubtedly much more results-oriented than normal product demos. These help customers feel more valued, thereby stimulating their interest in purchasing the product.

  • KPI Monitoring: The product launch phase also includes monitoring key performance indicators. This is necessary to monitor the success of the launch. A few important KPIs that you need to consider are conversion rates, the number of leads or leads, and the percentage of users who reach the activation point. These KPIs help businesses understand the value of their product and get a clear picture of how successful they are in acquiring their potential customers.

3) Post-launch phase of SAAS:

You’ve finally launched your star SAAS product. But your work does not end here. This is the most important stage of your SAAS launch checklist. Here you need to watch out for users who have just signed up for a free trial. You need to ensure that users have a satisfactory experience at this point.

Here are some steps you can take to increase the interest level of your users.

  • Get started by displaying your customized welcome screen. After all, first impressions last. And you have a long way to go. So taking care of these little things is very important. You can actually use this screen to differentiate your users based on their role, behavior, and status. Maybe a little questionnaire will help you meet your goals.
  • You can increase their interest by engaging them with smart features and presenting them with interactive product tours. Keeping them on your checklist will not only improve the user experience but even help improve their knowledge base. Here you can integrate a customized chatbot to make product tutorials more effective and engaging.
  • Last but not least, it is very important to get feedback from customers. Whether it’s positive or negative, you can gain valuable insights, understand your customer’s pain points, and improve the product accordingly. The best way to collect real-time feedback and ratings is to conduct micro surveys.

Whenever a user uses your product for the first time, you can ask them to fill out a survey and share their experience. Feedback always helps to keep your product up to par. Therefore, it is considered an integral part of the SAAS product launch activity.

How can Moon Technolabs help you successfully launch a SAAS product?

Looking forward to launching a new SAAS product? Moon Technolabs, a top-rated SAAS software development company in UK, can help you launch your product to market successfully.

We create a robust strategy for each business and guide them to product launch with negligible effort. We create SAAS product demos and tutorials and use our own resources to collect user statistics for a better user experience. Our team of professionals follows the above stages and ensures a solid product launch.

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