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24K gold sculptures to give to your clients and friends – Where can I find them?

The sculpture is among the earliest forms of visual art still in existence today and is also one of the forms of artwork most prominently displayed in public spaces.

Sculptures are more than just beautiful artifacts; they also assist us in comprehending history and gaining knowledge of historical civilizations. Hence they make ideal gift ideas for men or women.

If you have a client, you would appreciate or a friend, you can gift them 24K gold sculptures. Here we have listed the best 24K gold sculptures to give your clients and friends from one of the best online jewellery stores in Singapore: Risis.

24K gold sculptures to give to your clients and friends – Where can I find them?

Discover awe-inspiring ideas for gold sculptures handcrafted by highly trained artisans, and present them as gifts to your customers and friends.

Each collectible, which may be chosen from a diverse range of options, exemplifies creative craft and meticulous attention to conceptual detail and is expertly crafted using 24K Swiss Gold.

Guardian of Joy

As your friend prepares to embark on a new adventure, the ecstatic youngster is full of hope and feels as though there is floating on cloud nine.

With success within its reach, it forecasts a trouble-free year in which every step forward brings the fulfillment of wishes.

It radiates life and ascends to greater heights as it merrily embraces the Ruyi Scepter, a sign of prosperity.

A festive item that has been painstakingly created and encased in the best 24K Swiss Gold, it is a wonderful gift that gives fresh opportunities, transforming each hurdle into a joyful success. This piece can be found in the Swiss Museum of Applied Arts in Zurich.

Northern Prince Eagle

As the fierce wind blows against its broad wings, the majestic Golden Eagle sharpens its formidable claws in preparation for the hunt.

The Northern Prince is a powerful representation of power, and the Golden Majesty as he stands as a proud emblem soaring high in the bright blue skies across the huge valleys.

A meticulously crafted figure of a Golden Eagle, complete with a base in the shape of an ocean wave and encased in palladium.

Maharaja Elephant (PD)

The repercussions of people walking heavily through the jungles of Asia can be heard for miles. As the kingdom’s inhabitants disperse, the vast shadow cast by a huge elephant falls across the land.

This extremely complex sculpture was created with a sophisticated composite material at its core and is encased in palladium.

Elephants have long been seen as symbols of the might of kingdoms and empires, most notably the power possessed by the Maharajas of India.

RISIS has created a highly detailed sculpture coated in the highest quality 24K Swiss Gold. This sculpture encapsulates the regal royalty of these gentle giants.

Raging Bull

As it lowers its head in preparation for a forward charge, the massive bull’s eyes become fixed in a gaze filled with deep determination and resolves.

This majestic sculpture, inspired by the diligent and determined bull, depicts the great bull’s pure tenacity, determination, and strength.

Mini Orientals – Tiger

The Tiger embodies the strength of a lithe body and sneaky mind, making it a natural-born leader with all the characteristics of a real sovereign.

They are fearless creatures brimming with passion and are generally regarded as a representation of steadfastness.

It is created to perfection, intricately encased in Swiss gold of 24 carats, and aims to win with optimism and generosity while pushing the boundaries with ultimate charm.

Vitality Monkey

At the cusp of adulthood, the mature macaque monkey takes a brief break to appreciate the rewards of his labor and express gratitude that his tenacity and hard work have rewarded him in such a generous manner.

It signifies good fortune and abundance because the monkey is perched atop a pair of delicious mandarin oranges and a chestnut with an antique copper finish.

The famed Tang calligraphy Huai Su’s technique was used to create the Chinese character engraved on the exquisitely made chestnut, which contained well-wishes for good fortune.

The persistent spirit, serene confidence, and good fortune associated with the monkey are all portrayed by vitality.

Victory Horse

Certain horses will try to win a race on their own; these horses will run even faster if they are encouraged to do so.

This type of thoroughbred is known for his lung power, heart for perseverance, and character for bringing victory home.

The concept of speed served as the basis for the design of victory, which features a satin-finished encasement of 24K Swiss gold and a granite base.

Blessings, Dog (G)

A Tibetan terrier is a blessing from a family of dogs that are so highly valued that they cannot be purchased.

 The Tibetan terrier is a legendary representation of unimaginable good fortune that can only be received as a special gift.

It is outfitted with Ruyi symbols at its paws and designed to pave the way to success while simultaneously granting wishes with each step it takes.

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Valour Ox

Valour pays homage to the reflection of this majestic Ox galloping into the New Year with confidence and dreams since it was motivated by the unstoppable spirit of the Ox.

It demonstrates a complete commitment to the desired outcome and begins anew with awe-inspiring optimism by standing firmly on the ground with legs pointing upward in confidence.

Rejoice in fortunate beginnings and the good fortune that comes with each opportunity that turns out to be successful.

 Each piece of Valour is meticulously created to absolute perfection, turning it into a work of devoted creativity that should be treasured.

The Magnificent Celestial

Another gift idea for women or men is the majestic rabbit, a sparkling beacon of success, appearing in high spirits as it bounces onto a globe map in the revelry of its splendid prospects, eager to bind towards a brighter future.

After flying beyond the auspicious cloud, it arrives atop amber Liu Li Mountain, modeling panoramas of scenery and tumbling waterfalls that symbolically represent overflowing prosperity and abundance.

The figure of an elephant, representing one’s hopes for a life of tranquility and plenty, is carved into the side of the Liu Li Mountain.

The Magnificent Celestial is a meaningful present of many blessings since it is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail and encased in the highest quality 24K Swiss Gold. It also exemplifies RISIS’ commitment to perfection, making it an excellent gift choice.

Each item is a work of impeccable artistry, painstakingly created and encased in the finest 24K Swiss Gold, making it a promising present for the next year of flourishing plenty.

Concord Horse

The Concord horse is an ideal gold sculpture to symbolize a unique partnership. This is one of the gift ideas for men. You will benefit from a horse’s superior strength, agility, and grace compared to your capabilities.

In exchange, you offer him the benefit of your superior direction, intelligence, and comprehension of the relationship.

Only by working together can the two of you accomplish the greatest achievement, something neither of you could do on your own.

The casting process uses pewter coated in beautiful 24K Swiss gold and given an antique copper gloss.

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