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2023 Leading Android App Development Platforms

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The world has gone mobile and it’s a mobile app era. This makes it imperative to have a successful and user-driven mobile application for your business today. According to recent Statista information, the total number of apps available on the most popular platforms are: –

  • Nearly 5 million applications on the Google Play Store or Android App Store surpass the count of 2.9 million recorded a year back.
  • And approximately 2.2 million apps on the iOS or Apple App store.

Well, now if you consider the two most popular and widely used platforms that are iOS and Android, the second one that is Android holds the largest market share of nearly 80 percent. Android devices and apps are easier and more convenient to use even for those who are not a pro in using smart devices and mobile apps. This huge popularity and usage of Android devices have made Android app development the first choice of businesses. Also, Android was introduced before iOS in the market, which again is a reason for its wider use and popularity.

However, with the increasing popularity of Android applications and with thousands of apps getting released on it every single day, the competition level has also increased among businesses and app developers. It has become essential to stay competitive and create apps using the latest tools and technologies available. For building Android apps, developers must use programming languages like Kotlin, C++, and Java and must have expertise in making the best use of these and the right tools and frameworks shared here in this article.

Here’s the checklist of the top 4 Android application development tools.

Android applications are evolving day by day along with the availability of more and more tools and trends, out of which the best 4 the developers must use now are shared here. Take a look no matter you are a beginner or an expert in building Android apps.

Android Studio:

If you are planning to get a native Android application built, Android Studio can be the best tool you can use. This tool comes with features like an intelligent code editor, APK analyser, fast simulator, visual layout, and more for simplifying the application development process.

Here are some of the highlighted features of Android Studio:

  • Insightful code proofreader
  • Visual layout editor
  • Quick and responsive emulator

Android SDK or Android Software Development Kit:

One of the most essential tools for Android application development. This Android Software Development Kit comes with a pool of features for writing, optimising, and testing the codebases for building the app for this Operating System. No matter what language you are using to build the application, it is important to use this SDK to run your application on all Android devices.

Highlighted features are:

  • Access and support to Android compatible APIs.
  • It acts as a debugger.
  • Availability of offline maps.

Unity 3D:

Unity 3D is the right tool for building high-definition Android game applications. This tool allows developers to create 2D and 3D gaming apps with predictable illustrations, natural structure, and a great format. While Unity 3D is widely used to develop gaming apps for cell phones and websites, its upgraded version can now be used to create cross-platform gaming applications.

Key features of it are:

  • This app builder lets you view the app in different situations and at any stage of development.
  • Allows easy integration of social media.


Firebase is the fourth tool that must be there in an Android app developer’s toolbox now. Though it is primarily used for Android, it also provides support to some other Operating Systems like iOS and Windows. And the best thing is that it reduces the development time to a great extent and lets developers avoid get messed up with the data storage and servers.

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Primary features are:

  • Remarkable built-in analytics.
  • Ensures easy and quick development.

These Android application development tools along with the other tools available can make things easier for the developers. But choosing the right tools is essential as per the project requirements. And for this, having in-depth knowledge and practical experience in using these tools is important.

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