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It is common for winter colds and other respiratory illnesses to spread. They can easily be spread through touching contaminated surfaces, coughing and sneezing. Some people are more vulnerable to getting a common cold than others. They should use effective tips to prevent or treat cold. 

Preschoolers could catch a cold anywhere from five to six times per year. The fall and winter seasons are more prevalent due to close indoor contact with other people. Checkups Medical Hub, an Online Pharmacy Kenya, is being embraced by people across the country for ordering doctor-prescribed medicines online. The epharmacy assists people in finding answers or assistance online for a range of medical conditions. 

Winter cold remedies are as prevalent as colds, but they are less efficient. A cold can’t be treated. These tips can make you feel better and keep you from getting worse. These are common tips to prevent or treat cold this winter. 

You Should Wash Your Hands Frequently and Thoroughly

While flu and cold germs can float through the air via tiny drops of cough or sneezes, they are more likely to be caught on infected surfaces.

It is easy to get rid of flu and cold germs by washing your hands immediately after eating and using the toilet.

Keep Hydration a Top Priority

One of the most important tips to prevent or treat cold is to stay hydrated. Warm liquids such as tea, warm water, lemon or broth can be helpful in preventing dehydration, easing congestion and soothing the stomach.

Avoid alcohol, sugary drinks, salty food, coffee and alcohol as they can dehydrate you. Another easy way to stay hydrated is with ice chips. Drinking too much cold water can cause sore throats. Warm water is the best in winter.

Everybody Should Get A Flu Shot

The best way to prevent influenza is with a seasonal flu shot. If your children are older than six months, it’s the best way to protect them. It is not too late for you to get your flu shot, iit will keep you protected. This winter, book your flu shot online at Epharmacy Kenya

Sleep Well

The next among the effective tips to prevent or treat cold is to get enough sleep. You can boost your immune system and strengthen your natural defenses against infection by getting enough sleep each night.

An energized body is more likely to resist illness than one that’s tired, drained, or run down. Adults require 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Depending on their age, toddlers require between 10-14 hours of sleep.

Doing Exercise is One of The Most Effective Tips To Prevent or Treat Cold

Exercise can boost your immune system. Exercise can increase white blood cell production, which in turn attacks bacteria. It also improves circulation. Changing your routine is essential.

Exercise of high intensity can lead to elevated adrenaline levels and cortisol levels. These are indicators that you may be stressed. This can cause a weak immune system, which can then lead to poor recovery.

Stop Smoking

It is no surprise that smoking and other smoky habits can be harmful to your health. However, it is less well-known that they can lead to the spread of colds. Smoking can lead to an increase in stress hormones that suppress immunity.

Your risk of contracting an illness may increase as a result of your body being exposed to “free radicals,” which undermine antioxidant defenses.

Soothe Your Sore Throat

Common colds can cause a sore throat. There are many things that you can do to soothe a sore throat. You can make your own honey and ginger as well as lemon cough drops.

A warm cup of tea with honey or lemon can also be used to treat a cold. Saltwater can be used to soothe a sore throat.

Continue reading to learn more tips to prevent or treat cold.

Spice Up Your Food

When your body is trying to fight a cold virus, inflammation can happen. Add some spices to your food to reduce inflammation. This will add flavor to your food.

Add some ginger, turmeric, or garlic to enhance the flavor of your soup. You can also add cloves and cinnamon to your cup of tea. Cayenne pepper can temporarily relieve stuffy noses by being added to your dish.

For Colds, Honey is A Great Option

Honey is more effective than most winter medicines for treating colds. It has been used for centuries as a remedy for coughs and colds. Honey is more effective in treating colds in children than it is for adults.

Common Surfaces Should Be Cleaned Often

The next among the effective tips to prevent or treat cold is to keep surfaces clean and tidy. Every member of your household can become ill from germs throughout the day. Some germs can make it into your home.

Even if you have no symptoms, flu season will require that your home be cleaned more often. Also, make sure to disinfect countertops, doorknobs, and faucet handles frequently. You should also wash your communal hand towels often.

Humidify the Air

Colder air retains less moisture than warm air. Dry noses are more vulnerable to viruses and can worsen a sore throat. If you don’t have one, you can use a humidifier. As the water evaporates, it will gradually humidify your room.

Talk To Your Doctor

There is no cure for common illnesses like the common cold. These tips to prevent or treat cold are not intended to diagnose the actual cause of colds. The only thing that can make colds go away is time. They usually last five to ten consecutive days.

If you feel worse after a week, you might start to feel worse or develop more severe symptoms. These symptoms can include extreme weakness, persistent high fever, shortness of breath, and severe hypersensitivity.


It takes time for colds to heal in winter. Although these tips to prevent or treat cold are effective, it is best to consult a doctor if the cold persists for more than a week. Sometimes, a doctor’s prescription is necessary to treat colds. You can ask any question in the comments section.

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