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If you’re looking to houses for sale , your presentation is vital, therefore it is important to be aware of what you have to do prior to letting people see the house.

Despite how beautiful and brand new your Gambia houses is each time a potential buyer visits your home they’re comparing it with other properties they’ve looked at.

Here are 10 tips you need to keep in mind.

Clean Up The Garden

If you have gardens at your home , anyone who visits is likely to need to know that they’re well-maintained, especially since this is often the first thing they view of your home. If your garden is overgrown and the visitor gets the impression which they transmit to others.

A Touch Of Paint

Have you noticed the cracks in the painting on your windowsill or that unattractive smudge that’s near your front entrance? You’ll be too. So, make sure you paint the exterior of your home a fresh coat of paint so that it looks bright and new.

Tidy Up

It is not a good idea to walk into the home that is being viewed and see clothing, furniture and other objects scattered across the floor. Clean the place before you let anyone in to ensure that they can look around the Gambia homes for sale instead of the mess you have created.

Maintain A Clean

We all get behind in home chores every now and again however, when you’re taking people around your home you must make sure that you are in good shape.

Since you’ll be looking to use lighting to highlight the beauty of your space You must ensure that you’ve got it cleaned so you don’t show your other things.

Stage The Rooms

The way you arrange your furniture set up may be perfect for your needs, but it’s not the most effective way to showcase the best qualities of a space. Arrange your furniture in a way that you can emphasise the space and lighting effectively.

A Spotless Bathroom

Cleanliness around the home is important however, the bathroom needs to be spotless. Any indication of a problem in the bathroom is usually enough for buyers to turn away So make sure the bathroom is spotless.

The Kitchen

Be sure your kitchen is neat but still functional. The presence of things like a spice rack in sight will give your kitchen a homey feel however; don’t go too far to put food that isn’t in use on the floor. Similar to the bathroom, the kitchen needs to be clean and tidy.


The cheap houses for sale in Gambia should smell fresh and clean as well, so if there are pets, ensure that the window is open and apply an air freshener to cover any smells that are not pleasant. Make sure you don’t cook food that smells especially fragrant in the evening or early in the morning prior to a movie.

Neutral Colours

Repainting walls with neutral shades may seem like an overwhelming task however, you must be aware that viewers are looking to imagine themselves living in your home. By keeping things neutral, they are able to envision what they could perform themselves.

Organise Storage Space

Buyers like knowing they have storage space but don’t want to be able to see it filled over the top. Make sure the storage space is organised to ensure that it is efficient and highlights what’s readily available to the buyer.

Image Source : Swami India International Limited

10 Other Areas To Clean When Preparing Your Home For Sale


It’s the roof that people will see when they travel onto your property So make sure that it’s well-maintain!

Get of any debris that up there and ensure that the dirt, mould, and stains are clear away. Making sure that the roof is clean with a quality pressure washer will give it a fresher appearance and extend its lifespan.

2. Gutters

The gutters in your home can be fill with branches, leaves and mud in the course of time. The debris that is throw from the drain and be visible from the ground can appear unsightly.

In addition, it hinders the gutter from performing its task properly, which is to move waters away from the house. Clean up all debris that has accumulate in the gutters, and then clean the gutters with the water hose. Also, make sure your downpipes are clean.

Gutters that are dirty could indicate buyers that the home hasn’t been properly maintain and that it was only clean surface.

3. Garden

Eliminate all fall branches, weeds, Twigs and other nebulous objects out of your gardens. Re-shape overgrown plants and the sun shines through the bed of your gardens. The garden will be neat tidy and expansive. Clean gardens make it appear as if it’s well-maintain.

4. Driveway

Be sure that the driveway is free of loose dirt and spills of oil are remove. Most of the time, the dirt on driveways is merely superficial, so scheduling it to be pressure wash can restore it to its former state.

5. Lawn

Maintain the lawn in good shape and keep all edges of the lawn cut across the garden beds and pathways. A clean lawn will reflect the overall condition of your home and can bring the garden to life.

6. External Walls

Begin by removing the dust and cobwebs that have settled all over the Gambia house prices. Check the windows, eaves, the pillars, and around lights. Clean up all exterior walls.

Any water that’s through the wall could leave stains or growth. In accordance with the material you choose to use on your outside wall, a pressure cleaner could be employ here too.

7. Outdoor Furniture

Clean up and organise your outdoor furniture to make it look neat and tidy. If you own a barbecue, ensure that the grease has be eliminate from the grill, the grease trap and the area around it in which grease might have splatter.

8. Pool

If you own a pool, ensure that any debris that is floating around the surface or that has into the bottom is clean.

Make sure the water is at its proper level and ensure that the water is treat to maintain like the beautiful blue color the last thing you need is for your pool to suddenly change colour in the event of prospective buyers calling.

9. Water Features And Ponds

If you have water features, be sure they are operating properly and the algae or overgrowth has be clear. Dead plants and particularly dead fish should be eliminate.

10. Windows

Arrange all of your windows as well as fly screens and frame windows that need to be clean. Utilizing a cleaning agent which through grease (like dishwashing detergent) you can ensure that any oily marks left behind by pets or by hands are completely clean.

The insects and flies can leave droppings on the windows, however by using a little some water, and an adsorbent cloth you can get rid of these droppings and leave the surfaces new and clean.

If you’re selling your house solely by yourself the process could add up the time and expenses. A buyer’s advocate can tell you when the most ideal season to market your home is.

The winter months are usually the most difficult time for people since they tend to be more focused on celebrations and having fun, rather than buying or selling their homes.

If you choose to set a reasonable rate, even though the market is down it is likely that you will see some interest and activity from prospective buyers.

The calculations you need to do will automatically take into account the renovations and home improvements you’ve made to figure for a larger cost.

Image Source : Swami India International Limited


If your Gambia real estate is listed for sale for a long time and buyers have been spotted in every single day without showing interest, it is a clear indication that you’ve erred in the estimation.

A final thought about properly price your house. The market for real estate isn’t always smooth and you may think that your home isn’t price competitively enough.

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