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Whether your marketing on social media is seasonally based, a marketer is always looking for the best venture in social media marketing. It is also a fact that a business owner also wants powerful social media sites to accelerate the business. Right now, standing in this era, it is essential and helpful to get an idea of the best powerful social media sites.  This will improve your engagement rate and assist you to the achieve the targeted goals. 

I have researched and collected information about the top 10 social media sites to make things easier and smooth. Some of the names of social media sites will be known to you, and others may sound new. I will be suggesting you to read the listed sites thoroughly. Then you will be cleared about the suitable social media platforms to promote your brand.

Remember, you don’t need to be on every platform, but you have to correct sites to have a successful trademark. 

Top 10 Social Media Platforms To Promote Your Business. 

It is not about the size of the social media platforms, but the main concern is whether the site you are chosen for your business is the right fit for you or not? Are your target consumers using that site or not?

1.   Facebook:

Facebook is the biggest social media platform. It has almost 2 billion monthly users. If you compute the fact, then the number will be 36.9% of people across the globe are using Facebook. More than 20,000k business industries utilize Facebook tools, and more than 70 lac advertisers promote their brands actively on Facebook, which indicates a safe pace if you have the intention to have a presence on social media platforms.

You already have the scope to get started your business on Facebook because the content formats are working great on Facebook, like:- text, video content, images, and stories. But Facebook algorithm gives priority to the highlighted and relevant conversations with family, friends, and people. 

2.           Youtube:

Youtube is a video uploading platform where users spend millions of hours every day watching videos. Youtube is the second largest social media site, and besides that, it is also the second-largest search engine platform, followed by Google. So if you are using it for promoting videos, then definitely you need to present on youtube.  You can practice and can read many blogs related to YouTube SEO to discover your brand by many people, or you can increase your reach by getting the idea from advertising on youtube.

3.           Whatsapp:

Whatsapp is basically used for delivering and receiving messages. Over 180 countries people have used this application across the globe. When the first WhatsApp launched, and people started to use it only for messaging purpose. Gradually it has been started for communicating business-related topics and for content marketing also. 

Whatsapp’s business forum provides customer care and allows to share their brand-related offering or special discounts with the consumers. If you are an owner of any small enterprise, then you can use the Whatsapp Business app and the WhatsApp Business API  for other enterprise businesses. 

4.           Instagram:

Another social media platform where you can showcase your products by using photos and videos is Instagram.  In this application, there have numerous opportunities for content formate like, reels, IGTV, stories, live videos, and longer recorded videos. 

As a brand owner, you can create a business profile to showcase your products. Actually, it provides rich analytics of the profile and posts and has the ability to publish the Instagram posts by using third-party tools. 

5.           Facebook Messenger:

Messenger is a feature of Facebook. It is also a messaging app like WhatsApp.  But the year 2011, it is an independent app with expanded characteristics. It allows businesses to create chatbots, advertise products, send newsletters, and many more. This application has given the scope to businesses to maintain connections and engagement with their target audiences. 

6.           We Chat:

We chat was launched in the year 2011 by Tencent, which is one of the biggest tech companies in china. Wechat is a messaging app like messenger and WhatsApp. It is the most widespread social media site in china and other countries in Asia. But it has evolved year-wise to become all in one medium. With this application, you can shop online, book taxis, buy groceries, transfer money, pay bills, and more. 

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7.           Tiktok:

Tiktok is a video and reels sharing app. It was launched in 2017, and now it has become one of the most rapid-growing apps in the world. Recently it has also surpassed Google as the most engaging internet online site. 

8.           Snap Chat:

Snapchat is basically for sharing photos and reels between your friends. It has the feature that you can make vertical videos side by side; the sharing of those videos also increased on other social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok and etc. 

9.           Pinterest:

Pinterest is one of the top influential and motivating content-prone applications. You can get many new and innovative products and ideas from this app. It is the best platform for increasing brand awareness and traffic rates. Pinterest users are like 8x more eager to purchase the products they pin. 

10.        Twitter:

Twitter users basically love to twit news, politics, and entertain related news. Twitter users are actually wise and knowledgeable enough than other social media users. They are always aware and alert about the current trends and information. Across the globe, around 60 % of businesses are using Twitter as an alternative consumer channel. 

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Final Key Context:

Regardless of the size of the social networking sites, you have to identify whether your target customers are active on those platforms or not. It is also a great idea to choose two to three sites and research them well so that you will not face any failure. Remember you are working as a business owner for Online Promotion, Marketing & Advertising.

Or else you can go through blogs where there have specifically mentioned and described the advantages of using each social site. 

We will be coming up with the next topic: Blogger outreach.

Till then, stay tuned!

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